Monopoly Multiplier Slot

Monopoly Multiplier is an old school style slot game with a new school edge. It’s got everything you need for a fast session of slots, whilst also packing enough edge and action on the reels to keep you satisfied for a long gaming session.

It’s set up in a very basic three reel manner with nine stop spaces in view. Every single combination of three symbols across the three reels is a valid winner, giving you a tasty twenty seven different ways to win on this slot.

In order to get a win, you’ve always got to have at least one matching symbol in each reel of the game, although you can of course score multi symbol wins, grabbing the cash from several winning combinations.

The Graphics

Graphically, Monopoly Multiplier is a very smooth and tight offering that uses the main symbols (such as utilities, pass go etc.) from the Monopoly board as reel symbols.

The audio is a relaxed and refreshing skiffle track that fits well with the 1930’s feel to the game. Even though the game is quite basic, the developers have still found the time and space to fit in a rather fun little bonus game that can pack quite a big punch.

The Bonus

This bonus is activated by simply scoring in three winning symbols on the game’s central pay-line (you can of course score in other symbols with this win), which activates the Multiplier bonus.

Here you get to pick one of the eight famous Monopoly playing pieces, with each one hiding a different multiplier, which is the applied to your winnings on that spin giving you an even bigger prize.

Our Summary

Whilst Monopoly Multiplier might not offer the same thrills and spills as Monopoly Here & Now or Monopoly with Pass Go Bonus.

What you do get is a very volatile reel game that can see you go from zero to hero in just a few spins and as all the action is centred on the reel game here, you don’t have to worry about eeking that bankroll out to pay for the bonus game.

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